A new journal article by G.A.M.E.R. Lab director James D. Ivory summarizing and categorizing research dealing with video games is freely available to the public thanks to a new open-access online journal titled Review of Communication Research.  The journal, edited by Dr. Giorgio de Marchis of Spain's Complutense University of Madrid, publishes peer-reviewed articles reviewing research dealing with a range of topics in the field of communication and released its first issue this year.

Ivory's article, titled "Video Games as a Multifaceted Medium: A Review of Quantitative Social Science Research on Video Games and a Typology of Video Game Research Approaches," provides an updated review of scientific research on video games in the field of communication, as well as a novel categorization of four different research approaches to video games ("Video games as stimulus," "Video games as avocation," "Video games as task or skill," and "Video games as social environment").  Ivory argues that recognizing the strengths and limitations of each approach used to answer questions about games and where multiple approaches should be used to examine a given research topic, video game research can produce a better understanding of the true social role of video games.